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    Non uniformly distributed p-n junction related problem

    Hello guys, I stumbled upon this problem while studying non uniformly distributed pn junctions and finding difficulty solving this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. A diffused silicon p-n junction has a linearly graded junction on the p side with a = 2 x10^19 cm-4, and a uniform doping of...
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    I Drift velocity in P-N Junctions

    When a P-N junction is in reverse bias, the drift velocity of the system increases, so why is there no current flow? Is the drift velocity not connected to the current? Thanks in advance.
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    Effect of Doping on Depletion Region Width

    In an unbiased p-n junction, how does increase in doping affect the width of Depletion Region? I read somewhere that width decreases as increase in carrier concentration leads to more recombination of majority carriers with oppositely charged ions of their depletion regions leading to a...
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    Charge density in an abrupt p-n junction

    Homework Statement In an abrupt p-n junction we consider the junction between one side p-doped with ##N_A## acceptor atoms and another side n-doped with ##N_D## donor atoms. Initially the chemical potential is different in the two sides, but thermal equilibrium requires that the chemical...
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    Why is the band offset of an LED equal to the band gap?

    I am doing an experiment where we have to use the threshold voltage of LEDs to determine Planck's constant given the following relation $$ eV_0 = E_g = \frac{hc}{\lambda} $$ where ## V_0 ## is the threshold voltage, ## \lambda ## is the wavelength of emitted light and ## E_g ## is the band...
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    Combining p-type and n-type semiconductor materials

    Hi Guys, i want to fabricate semiconductor p-type and n-type material and i want it to combine to make a p-n junction diode, but i don't know how to combine or merge the two, (my materials are thin films) i'm thinking to solder it but i'm afraid that it will break, or distort, or i'm thinking to...
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    Short Circuit Current in Solar PV Cells

    I'm reading about short circuit current in a solar PV cell and I am a little confused. The short circuit current is defined as the current across the solar cell when there is zero potential difference across the cell. At this point the short circuit current is equal to the light current. What...
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    How do semiconductors affect a circuit?

    I understand the difference between p-type and n-type semiconductors but I just don't understand how adding a p-n junction to a circuit affects it. Can someone please explain how semiconductors work? For example, if I had a circuit with just a battery and a light bulb, what would change if I...
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    Ohmic contact or not?

    Hello Every body! As shown in below, If i join a heavily doped n+ semiconductor with an ordinary n-type semiconductor, What is the type of contact that forms between n+and n-type semiconductors ? is it Ohmic contact or rectifying contact ??