What is Polyakov: Definition and 12 Discussions

Polyakov or Poliakov, (Russian: Поляко́в, Ukrainian: Поляко́в, Hebrew: פוליאקוב‎‎, Belarusian: Палякоў), or Polyakova, Polyakova (feminine; Поляко́ва) is a Russian language surname. It may be transliterated as Poliakoff.
Notable people with the surname include:

Aleksei Poliakov (born 1974), Russian/Uzbek goalkeeper
Alexander Dmitriyevich Polyakov (born 1959), Russian diplomat
Alexander Markovich Polyakov (born 1945), Russian/American physicist
Anatoly Polyakov (born 1980), Russian swimmer
Andrei Polyakov (1950–2021), Russian diplomat
Dmitri Polyakov (1921–1988), Soviet General and a spy for the CIA
Dzyanis Palyakow (born 1991), Belarusian footballer
Elena Polyakova (born 1981), Russian ultramarathon runner
Ella Polyakova (born 1941), Russian human rights activist
Igor Polyakov (1912–2008), Soviet rower
Ivan Alexeyevich Polyakov (1886–1969), Russian Cossack military leader
Lazar Polyakov (1843–1914), Russian entrepreneur
Léon Poliakov (1910–1997), French historian
Maria Palyakova (born 1974), Ukrainian volleyball player
Maria Polyakova (born 1997), Russian diver
Mykola Polyakov (1946–2020), Ukrainian scientist
Nataliya Polyakova (born 1983), Russian Poet
Oleg Polyakov (born 1990), Russian footballer
Samuel Polyakov (1837–1888), Russian businessman
Sergei Polyakov (born 1968), Russian sport shooter, silver olympic medalist
Sergey Polyakov (born 1951), Russian-American scientist
Valeri Polyakov (born 1942), Russian cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia
Veronika Polyakova (born 1999), Russian rhythmic gymnast
Viktor Polyakov (born 1981), Ukrainian boxer
Vlad Polyakov (born 2002), Land Walker
Vladimir Polyakov (pole vaulter) (born 1960), retired Soviet/Russian pole vaulter
Vladislav Polyakov (born 1983), Kazakhstani swimmer
Yevgeni Viktorovich Polyakov (born 1980), Russian footballer
Yevgeniya Polyakova (born 1983), Russian sprinter
Yisrael Poliyakov (1941–2007), Israeli comedian and actor
Yael Poliakov
Yuriy Polyakov (born 1980), Russian-American scientist
Polyakov family (Russian: Поляковы, Hebrew: משפחת פוליאקוב‎‎)
Samuel Polyakov
Lazar Polyakov
Yakov Polyakov

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  1. GeniVasc

    I What maps are considered in the Polyakov path integral?

    Recently I've came to some references on mathematical aspects on string theory that deal with the Polyakov euclidean path integral. An example is the book "Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course for Mathematicians. Volume 2", where it is stated roughly that the path integral is $$A =...
  2. P

    A First order formalism of Polyakov action

    In the notes of Arutyunov, he writes down the equation of Polyakov action in what he calls a first-order formalism(equation 3.19). But here I did not understand how he got this equation. Can someone help? Moreover, can someone explain how he got the constraints in equation 3.25? And why they...
  3. J

    I Computing Polyakov Loops in Lattice QCD (Basic Question)

    Hi PhysicsForums, I have a pretty basic question about extracting physical parameters from lattice QCD simulations. As described in "Quantum Chromodynamics on the Lattice" by Gattringer and Lang, it seems we should be able to extract the static quark/anti-quark potential by considering the...
  4. binbagsss

    Polyakov action, reparameterisation q, string theory

    Homework Statement i am stuck on part d , see below Homework Equations parts a to c are fine polyakov action: ## \frac{1}{2} \int \frac{1}{e(t)} \frac{dX^u}{dt}\frac{dX_u}{dt}-m^2 e(t) dt ## EoM of ##e(t)##: ##\frac{-1}{(e(t))^2} \frac{dX^u}{dt}\frac{dX_u}{dt}-m^2=0## [1]you plug the EoM...
  5. Tursinbay

    A String perturbation equations from Polyakov action

    General physical perturbations of string is derived by A.Larsen and V.Frolov (arXiv:hep-th/9303001v1 1March 1993). An arbitrary string configuration is in 4-dimensional gravitational background. Starting point is Polyakov action $$ S = \int d \tau d\sigma \sqrt {-h} h^{AB} G_{AB}$$. Here is...
  6. H

    A The Polyakov Action & Weyl Transformations

    The Polyakov action is invariant under Weyl transformations, that is local rescaling of the metric tensor on the world sheet. However, I don't really understand the physical meaning of this. What would it mean for the action to not have this symmetry? I also have another question concerning...
  7. I

    Performing Integrations over Moduli Space for String Theory

    To prepare for a meeting I'm having with a prof in 2 weeks I've been told to compute things in string perturbation theory. During this process I have come to performing the calculation of the vacuum amplitude at one loop directly from Polyakov's action, as performed by Polchinski in 1986. I can...
  8. S

    Exploring Polyakov's Action: Diffeomorphism Symmetry?

    The Polyakov action, S=\frac{1}{4\pi\alpha^\prime}\int d^2\sigma\sqrt{-h}h^{\alpha\beta}G_{ij}(X)\partial_\alpha X^i\partial_\beta X^j has the local symmetries, diffeomorphism on world sheet and the Weyl invariance. But is diffeomorphism on the target space also a symmetry? The target space...
  9. maverick280857

    Diffeomorphism invariance of the Polyakov action

    [SOLVED] Diffeomorphism invariance of the Polyakov action Hi, I'm struggling with something that is quite elementary. I know that the Polyakov action is diffeomorphism invariant and Weyl invariant. Denoting the world-sheet coordinates \sigma^0 = \sigma and \sigma^1 = t and the independent...
  10. K

    't Hooft - Polyakov monopole at large distance

    According to 't Hooft - Polyakov monopole solution, SO(3) is spontaneously broken down to U(1) and the unbroken mode works very well as the electromagnetic field. In this case we do not need dirac string but just some scalar field. At very large distance , the two massive gauge modes can be...
  11. C

    The weak SU(2) instanton proposed by Belavin Polyakov Schwarz and Tyupkin

    I ran across the following passage in the Wikipedia article on mass-energy equivalence: This level of physics is way over my head, but I'm wondering: "What happens to the quarks that comprise the protons and neutrons?" Are they conserved in the neutrinos and antielectrons? Chris
  12. W

    String Theory: Nambu-Goto or Polyakov?

    Hi there, I 've recently looked at how the Nambu-Goto action of an open string can be derived from the proper area of the parameterised world-sheet, in the form of either the derivatives of space-time coordinates or the determinant of the induced metric. However, may I ask what are the...