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Universe of indistinguishable quanta?

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    Could our cosmos consist of only identical particles?
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    What exactly do you mean?
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    I agree w/ Drakkith. What DO you mean? On the face of it, this seems to be an absurd question so we're probably not getting your intent.
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    For instance, is it possible that photons are the fundamental particles? Please tell me briefly why if not.
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    Because electrons, quarks, neutrino's, W and Z bosons along with gluons also appear fundemental in the sense they have no detectable internal structure.
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    What IS it that you mean when you say "fundamental particle"? It seems that you are using this term in some way other than the way it is used in physics. Are you asking is it possible that ALL particles are just combinations of photons?
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    During the big bang, at extremely high temperatures, I interpreted that photons are the predominant particle, according to Roger Penrose in his "Road to Reality."
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    If there were still nothing but photons, then there would be nothing but photons. We are not made of photons. Planets are not made of photons. NOTHING is made of photons except photons (light).
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    Many people are pursuing string theory as a solution to the fundamental particle. String theory suggests that absolutely everything is made up of vibrating bands of energy, called strings, and that these vibrations are responsible for all particles, such as photons, electrons, gluons, quarks, etc. Brian Green's The Elegant Universe talks about strings in depth, and is worth reading. Note, however, that String Theory is still undergoing development, not to mention wait for a viable means of testing, and is therefore relegated to academics only at this point.
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    You got me back on track. Thanks for your worthwhile answer. The Elegant Universe it is. (I believe I saw Greene's show on TV, too.)
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