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2 questions related to mathematical vectors

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    I hope I can find a solutions for those questions with your help.

    1. If you know that: A=(5,-4,3) B=(2,3,-1) C=(-3,2,5) .Find the volume of the prism whose sides are [tex]\underline{OA}[/tex], [tex]\underline{OB}[/tex], [tex]\underline{OC}[/tex] .

    2. Prove using vector components that:

    [tex]\underline{a}[/tex] [tex]\times[/tex] [tex]\left([/tex][tex]\underline{b}[/tex] [tex]\times[/tex] [tex]\underline{c}[/tex]) = ([tex]\underline{a}[/tex] . [tex]\underline{c}[/tex])[tex]\underline{b}[/tex] - ([tex]\underline{a}[/tex] . [tex]\underline{b}[/tex])[tex]\underline{c}[/tex]
    and using this rule prove that :

    [tex]\underline{a}[/tex] [tex]\times[/tex] ([tex]\underline{b}[/tex] [tex]\times[/tex] [tex]\underline{c}[/tex]) + [tex]\underline{b}[/tex] [tex]\times[/tex] ([tex]\underline{c}[/tex] [tex]\times[/tex] [tex]\underline{a}[/tex]) + [tex]\underline{c}[/tex] [tex]\times[/tex] ([tex]\underline{a}[/tex] x [tex]\underline{b}[/tex]) = 0
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    Well? You want to give us some ideas about where you're stuck? We're not going to do it for you. We're here to help you along.
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