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2nd Bachelors vs. Grad School

  1. May 5, 2012 #1
    I am a 28 year old community college student who is about to finish his last semester before "transferring". I put that in quotes because I was actually denied acceptance to all of the schools that I applied to. I have a bachelor's in computing arts, and it seems to be the worst time ever to try to get a second bachelor's in California.

    I started out my second try at college with the intention of becoming an engineer. I sort of fell in love with computer science and physics along the way, and I'm a bit lost at the moment in regards to what to do next. I have a 3.9 gpa at community college, but after being denied I'm not sure what that's really worth.

    My question to anyone who has experience is how might I combine these interests, or even just follow one if need be, and pursue a higher degree. My current "plan" is to work an internship that I've landed over the summer, try to get another internship or job next fall, and study for and take the GRE. Then hopefully I can get accepted as a conditional masters or phD student somewhere in a year.

    So, that's my basic outlook. At first it sounded silly to go after a masters or phD without a bachelor's in one's chosen field, but it's looking like that might be my only hope of finishing my science education. Is this possible? Has it been done? How might I best go about it? And can I honor my duel interest CS and Physics?

    Any advice is much appreciated, thanks for your time
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