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9m rhs steel connecting 2 sides of a roof patio

  1. Apr 26, 2016 #1
    Hey guys. So I'm kinda new to all this and just wondering if anyone might have a idea or solution.
    So the question is.
    I have patio spaning 9mtrs long with 2 centre pylons as supports between the 9Mtrs
    I'm wanting to remove these pylons. The pylons are only supporting 500mm from the edge of the roof under the patio. The main wall of the house is around 2mtrs from the edge of the roof. As the main wall of the house I assume will be supporting the main weight of the roof and patio I was going to use 150mmx50mmx6mm rhs to span the whole length between the 2 end pylons so I can remove the other 2 middle ones. I'm wondering if there will be any sag or what would be the support weight the rhs can support in the middle of the beam "4.5mtrs".
    I will be supporting it all to the edge roof rafters and welding it into the 2 outside pylons.
    From a construction background I'm guessing that all up weight could be around 1-2 tonne spread out between the 9 mtrs as its only the edge of the house roof spanning out over the patio.
    Any thought or questions or knowledge would be helpful.
    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    Please have an architect or professional engineer help you with these plans. There is too much liability involved for us to help you vie an Internet forum. Thread is closed.
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