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A bit blunt?

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    If your boss is talking rubbish how do you tell him/her , my boss went red in the face and did a war dance just because i was a bit blunt, but then tact is not one of my qualities,
    and why should it be if i am telling the truth?
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    Shut up, you big dummy.
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    If some one asks my opinion i tell it as it is, i do not try to embellish it with platitudes and cap doffing, why should i?
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    Have you ever got your boss so mad he/she is incoherent and literally dancing with rage,
    it is so funny, but you dare not laugh even though you are busting.
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    Were you blunt to the boss, or blunt to a customer? I hope you don't end up tactless and unemployed.
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    You don't. It's something you learn over the years. He's your boss BECAUSE he's telling rubbish. Otherwise he would never have arrived there. (at least, that's the theory that I developed, and it did withstand a lot of empirical data up to now).

    If you want to make a career, learn what rubbish your boss is telling, and go and proclaim the same. Very soon, you'll get a promotion.
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