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Homework Help: A car experiences uniform acceleration

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    1. A car initially at rest experiences uniform acceleration of 5m/s2 for 6 seconds. It maintains constant velocity for 14 seconds and is then brought to rest in 5 seconds by a uniform retardation.
    a. Find out how far the car has travelled.
    b. Find the total angular displacement of one of the wheels
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    please show your attempt for solving the question ..
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    i cant because i dont know how to do it
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    I am not allowed to give solution .. but I will try to explain the question and what are you supposed to do ..

    in brief,
    1) the car experience a constant acceleration for 6s.
    2) then it experience a constant velocity for 14s.
    3) finally, it experience deceleration for 5s.

    it is clearly that you are going to use the kinematic equations:
    vf = vo + at , (where vf:final velocity .. vo: initial velocity .. a: acceleration .. t:time)
    x = vot + 0.5 at*t (x is the distance)

    there are other equations, but i believe you can solve your question using those equations (if you needed other equation, go ahead and use it)

    you can use these equations in my statements in 1 and 3 to find the distance .. in statement 2 you have to consider something else to find the distance ..

    thats all i can say.. please show your effort otherwise i wont be able to help you farther than this ..

    dont give up and try .. good luck ..
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    alright cheers bud i'll give it a go :)
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