A few Math, Physics, and Electronic links

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    [invalid link removed, see next post]

    Contains links to video lectures, tutorials, books, and a few projects.
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  3. ranger, the collections of links on your site to different video tutorials are wonderful.
  4. Thanks,
    nic and good links
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    ranger, I'm not able to open or download the "Op Amps for Everyone" (pdf file). Could you check if the link still works?

    That's a fantastic collection of resources you have!
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    Here is an alternate link.
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    Today, I was able to download the whole book from Ranger's original link.

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    Yes, it now works for me as well :smile:
  10. Ranger,

    I checked your link to have lots of information but noticed that the Knowledge of Lair link does not work. The previous day I checked that forum out it was rich with lots of information almost for every subject that I am aware. Any idea where the forum has moved and how I can become a member at www.sonsivri.com/forum ?

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    Hello vsdguy,

    Sorry I took so long to respond. You probably would have gotten a quicker response if you would used the contact form on the website. Back to the topic, the site is back up at the very same link. I wasnt aware that the site went down. However it does have a completely new look, so I'm assuming that it was taken down for some maintenance.

  12. thanks, great resources...
  13. Astronuc

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  14. Hello, Range, your link doesn't work
  15. thanks
  16. Wow, thanks Ranger.
  17. Thanks for sharing these links with us . thats was of great help. do come up with such things in future.
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