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A few site changes: honors, gold members etc

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    1. First off we have changed our recognition postbit box. From the medals and written text to colored dots with acronyms. It's now more compact, scalable, and quicker to scan.

    SA = Science Advisor
    HH = Homework Helper
    SM = Supporter Membership
    MT = Many "Thanks"
    SE = Staff Emeritus

    2. We have changed the word "Recognitions" to "Honors".

    3. We have added a new Honor. For those who accumulate many "Thanks", they will receive an Honor. We will not publicly record how many "Thanks" are needed. In the future we may consider adding more Honors. One that is in consideration is adding the yearly member award as an Honor.

    4. To reduce confusion, we have renamed Gold membership to Supporter Membership (SM). This more clearly describes the membership as these members have either supported PF by finance or promotion.

    5. I have added a forum jump drop down at the top nav called "Forums". Click it and you'll have an easy way to navigate the forums. ref: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=698243
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    I like 'em! Nice work.
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