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Announcement Please take the 2017 PF Betterment Survey

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    I know these days everyone is bombarded with companies asking for feedback, but this one is REALLY important. I can't look inside your heads to know what you think and I know many have little problems and don't want to start a whole thread on it. Now is your time. This community exists for its members. We want everything here to be as friendly, productive, and easy as possible. You have the power to influence what happens here. We've had the betterment survey the past 3 years now and each year we implement many suggestions. I know first had how the staff moderates and communicates has changed. Our video, insight and news features are direct results of suggestions. I'm telling you, we take to heart what is said and work hard to put good ideas and comments into our plans.

    To help provide more incentive than just helping make PF better, if you provide your username and provide at least moderate feedback, you'll be put into a drawing. 5 members will be chosen to receive a PF t-shirt (US only) and 5 members will receive gold membership. The drawing will occur on Feb 23rd.
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    Dear Sire Bernhardt,

    I will be happy to take a one off you hands if you got a spare...i require a size 13 7/8X or larger for a shirt, pants and a tent for night for my wife and 13 young'ins..We live under under an overpass ..Anything helps! :redface:

    Any non perishable canned food would help too!:oldfrown:

    Your good buddy,
    Alex the un-adjunct and fired professor Sullivan.

    Congratulations for the worthy winners!
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