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A Geometric Approach to the Standard Model, Greg Trayling

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    A Geometric Approach to the Standard Model
    Greg Trayling, Dept of Phys, U. Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
    A geometric approach to the standard model of the Clifford algebra [tex]\mathcal{CL}_7[/tex] is advanced. The gauge symmetries and charge assignments of the fundamental fermions are seen to arise from a simple geometric model involving extra space-like dimensions. The bare coupling constants are found to obey [tex]g_s/g = g'/g = \sqrt{3/5}[/tex] consistent with [tex]SU(5)[/tex] grand unification but without invoking the notion of master groups. In constructing the Lagrangian density terms, it is found that the Higgs isodoublet field emerges in a natural manner. A matrix representation of [tex]\mathcal{CL}_7[/tex] is included as a computational aid.

    Also see:

    A geometric basis for the standard-model gauge group
    Greg Trayling, W. E. Baylis
    Accepted for publication: J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 9 Mar 2001

    I just found these obscure articles. My own attempts at rewriting the standard model are similar, except that I'm using preons and consequently don't need only one "extra space-like" dimension instead of the 4 used here.

    Articles that cite the published article by Trayling and Baylis:

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