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A good book for astrophysics&astronomy

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    I am a researcher and wish to learn astrophysics(research in dark matter). I have never studied astrophysics or astronomy. I am in search for a book that can guide me

    (1)How do astronomers predict masses of stars, galaxies and planets, their positions and relative velocities?

    (2) Also exercises and examples?

    Kindly provide me names, which can guide me on this.

    I am already studying a book "Fundamentals of Astronomy".
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    Carroll and Ostlie, "Introduction to Modern Astrophysics", tries to cover basically everything in astrophysics and does a pretty darn good job of it in my opinion.
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    carroll and ostlie does your #1 and your #2

    while I'm not exactly sure about planets, it does have a chunk of the book devoted to the planets of the solar system. We've never gone through it, though.

    I forget if it specifically mentions exoplanets as well.
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    Thanks, looks good to me.
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