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Homework Help: A hard problem in my opnion

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    A 12 kg object initally has 24 joules of kinetic energy. How far will the object move against a net resisting force of 6 newtons? :uhh:

    (A) 2 m
    (B) 4 m
    (C) 12 m
    (D) 16 m
    (E) 24 m
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    think its easy.....

    the mass is moving with a velocity 2m/s right??????
    the resisting force would so a work in such a way that the mass stops after moving a certain distance......so the work done by the resisting force should be cancelling out the mass's kinetic energy.....the resisting force is constant throughout right??????then the block would be moving 4 metres as then the 6 newton force would be doing a work of -24 joules cancelling out the mass's kinetic energy.....i think its right.....what kind of a question is this...are u preparing for some entrance examination........nimmy try to bring in question which has more application....anyone can create high class questions which no one can even answer.....so grab such questions which are made not for the sake of making questions...but ....i m just speaking out thats al...leave it
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