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A Member Ranking System?

  1. Aug 30, 2004 #1
    [SOLVED] A Member Ranking System?

    I notice that there are a lot of different levels of people here. Some answers are way over my head. In another forum I saw they were using some kind of ranking system that helps others to know how much or how little he or she knows.

    Can we have that here? Something like High School, University, PhD, Teacher, Expert, Super-Expert or maybe just Grades or Levels.
    I sometimes get answers that I'm not sure are reasonable or not cause I don't know anything about the guy or gal giving me an answer.

    Maybe you could add more quizzes and use it as a way to make a ranking for members?

    As you can guess, I got a long way to go, so my rank would be not so great, but I'm here to learn from you guys if I can.
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    It's impossible to do this reliably, since one cannot prevent members from getting a more knowledgeable friend to answer for them. As far as degrees or grades go, I don't suppose you've given any thought to the problem of validating such things. PF has thousands of members and only a handful of admins who have their hands full. It might not even have a mailing address for transcripts to be sent.
    The mentors can be trusted to know their material on the math and science forums. Other than that, there's no way around making your own judgement call based on the coherence, plausibility and style of argument of individual posters.
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    kichigai, you have an interesting idea that I will think about see if there is a way to meet your request. In the meantime anti_crank is right, you can trust mentors and admins 100%. In time as you discuss and meet more members you will be able to recognize who is more reliable.
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    Kichigai suggested that ranking could be based on the PF quizzes and that sounds useful. As you wrote, it's not perfect, but it would help those who are still learning. I see no need to validate degrees. I think he/she was just giving a label, not saying our busy mentors should track evaluate every members for their level of education.

    Yes, the mentors have a lot of advanced physics knowledge and they can help us, but they are not the only ones responding which is why it's called a forum and not a class. Kichigai was probably not doubting the mentors. He/she seemed to be doubting some of the other members who provide answers that would hopefully be correct, but might have some errors of some sort that would screw up other knowledge or cause some concepts to be wrongly understood.

    I agree that each of us, who are older and a bit wiser about taking info with a grain of salt, can fend for ourselves but there are younger folks and college folks and late bloomers who may not be able to sort the BS from the good stuff.

    I wonder if the mentors and Greg have ever considered this style and whether or not they see any real problem with asking members to take a set of quizzes and to accept some sort of label. For those who do not take any quizzes to establish a rank, they can be labeled as "Wildcard" or "Unverified Source" or something like that.

    I say we give Kichigai's idea a bit more thought.
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    Absolutely, this will be discussed with the rest of the staff and I'll get back to this topic when I formulate an update.
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    Well, you can at least trust us to make a best effort. Honest mistakes can happen. You can also trust us to acknowledge when we have made a mistake.
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    jimmy p

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    I am not a number! I'm a FREE MAN!!!
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    I think one of the main advantages about the active mentor/admin line pursued at PF, is that people knows this, and hence, is a bit more careful with what they choose to post, in order not to incur their wrath :wink:
    (over-eager replies have occurred though, :blush:, :redface:)
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    I really put a lot of thought into responding to this forum question. As a long time professor, I believe those who want to be "labeled" for a ranking should be a self choice decision. Those who wish not to take a set of quizzes to establish their degree rank should NOT be allowed to represent a mentor of degree. Perhaps the current "mentor group ~ and Greg" could use an auto .gif that would give more outward authentisity to the postings of those who have desired the icon of a "degreed" mentor? This is my opinion only. I am here to sap up what is being written, and to laugh with those who know that education comes also in the form of humor. ~Werdas'
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    Chroot and I have found a solution and it's in the works. We'll update you all soon.
  12. Aug 30, 2004 #11
    Here you go ~ Auto .Gif

    Greg and Company,

    Auto .Gif

    If this one doesn't work, let me know...... I can find or make another.........

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    Is an engineer considered a 'science expert' or you must have a degree in sciences?
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    Yes, but we will be giving our awards based on discussions we review, not on specific academic and professional experience members might have.
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    I'm honoured.
    I feel obliged to put a few more details in my user profile to highlight my "area of competence".
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    I am all for some sort of ranking system for the members of this forum. At least for all those that want to participate in such a system.

    I think the best way to assign some kind of degree, will be based upon answers and solutions posted in threads.

    I see only one problem : who will be assigning these "degrees".???

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    Here's an unforseen benifit:

    O.K., so now I've got this little medal under my name that calls me a "science expert", and it's quite encouraging and even a bit flattering. But it also makes me think, "Eek! Now people will not only be reading what I print, but they'll actually think it's likely to be correct!". This might make people more carefull about what they state in a reply, and more diligent about clearly denoting what they know with certainty from what they are geussing or what they personally think. This should really help maintain the high standard of credibility that has made this site so popular in the first place.

    Hey Greg, how 'bout a little icon of a cracked pot to put under certain PFer's names?

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2004
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    haha, I'd rather us try to phase them out instead
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    Excellent! We were hoping to inspire these kinds of feelings. You medalists are a very important part of this forum, and we wanted to make sure you know it.
    We certainly hope so -- we'd love to see people vying for medals. :wink:

    - Warren
  21. Aug 31, 2004 #20
    I'm impressed!

    Dear Warren and Greg, .....
    I commend you for your unbias judgement in identifying those members who obtained their "medals."

    Now, I won't have a problem recommending the PF to my students. As for me, at my young age <sic> I will join in the more academic pages as soon as I stop teaching. I also will fix up my profile to denote what capabilities I can contribute to the PF.

    BUT, first and foremost, I want those in need to know I have my PH.D. in Psychology. Might come in handy :smile:

    Part of the American myth is that people who are handed the skin of a dead sheep at graduating time think that it will keep their minds alive forever.
    John mason Brown
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