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A miligram of matter

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    I am not a student, just a cosmology enthusiast. I have read many articles and books on the subject, but very often the level of these books is beyond my scope. Often, I have found, that very complex presentations can be presented in a way that casual enthusiasts can understand. So if anyone is interested in clarifying certain points, I would be most appreciative. With the new Bicep2 data coming to the fore, I was motivated to read Dr Linde's article, "Universe, Life, Consciousness." It is excellent. He claims that he could make a universe in the laboratory with about a milligram of matter. I am assuming he would compress this matter to the vacuum state he needs to enact his inflationary scenario. I think he says that quantum fluctuations would trigger the reaction. Could he trigger it himself? Also, I'm thinking that if all the matter in our universe were compacted to a single point, to a singularity, it would release a ton of energy if it every underwent this reaction. Have they been able to calculate whether or not there was sufficient energy to generate our universe from the data on bicep2?
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    Duhoc, I hate to dampen your enthusiasm. Ideas that are presented in a friendly, conversational tone may seem understandable at the time, yet they may or may not be correct. The difficulty comes when, as you say, certain points need to be clarified, at which point the entire argument may break down.

    What makes you feel it is excellent? It starts off safely, with a description of inflationary cosmology. When he gets to eternal inflation, what you must realize is that although this is an appealing idea, it is rather far out and hand wavy, lacking in evidence, and not universally accepted.

    :frown: At this point, you are well-advised to put the paper aside and turn to something else! Especially the concluding remarks about human consciousness and its relation to quantum mechanics simply border on mysticism.

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    Well, putting the Boltzman Brain aside, I thought the article amalgamated strong research and some strong ideas. I think that cosmologists in general, despite their training, embark in the realm of mysticism, theology and philosophy, and I gather you frown upon that. And frankly, I am inclined to agree with you. But it seems it has become a profitable endeavor in a field where years of hard work are likely to get you a job driving a taxi. But anyway, I believe, Professor Linde thought up the original idea. And, it seemed that newspapers were asserting that the Bicep2 confirmed his theories. And with respect to Bicep2, I understand they are having some difficulty with the data being accepted. I don't think I am alone in a general population that wants to know how the universe began, what it is, and what it is doing. So if you are inclined, and you have the expertise, I would welcome your opinion on the theory Bicep2 might confirm. And, I would also look forward to your opinion of the scientific cult some of the prominent members of the cosmology community have joined, including it seems Dr. Linde who may have provided the original rationale for it. (Not mentioning any names of course.)
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    The mounting problem facing BICEP2 is foreground contamination. David Spergel is one among many who have expressed skepticism. See http://arxiv.org/abs/1405.7351, Toward an Understanding of Foreground Emission in the BICEP2 Region, for discussion.
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