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Homework Help: A number in matlab by default uses how much memory?

  1. Feb 19, 2010 #1
    A number in matlab by default uses how much memory?

    my professor asked me this question today and I wasnt sure.

    In matlab I assigned a random number to the variable x

    >> x = 5.5623

    and then used the "whos" command to determine how many bytes were stored. According to "whos", the number required 8 bytes of memory.

    However, 8 wasnt part of the multiple choice.

    the multiple choice were...

    a. 64 bits
    b. Depends on its length
    c. 8 bits if it has no decimal, 32 bits if it has a decimal
    d. 4 megabytes

    could any1 shine some light on this problem for me, any advice would be much appreciated :smile:
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    A byte is 8 bits...
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