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Homework Help: A pH problem

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    My Question:

    Upon evisceration, it was discovered that the frog had died due to acid ingestion. 10mL of gastric juice was found in its stomach required 7.2mL of 0.1 M NaOh for neutralization. Calculate the pH of its gastric juice.

    I'm confused, how would I approach this problem.

    Thank You:smile:
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    Well first you might want to find the pH of the NaOH solution. Also, what have you tried?

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    So it would be like this




    Is this correct:confused:

    thank you
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    That looks good for the pH of the NaOH solution. Now, you want to find the pH of the gastric acid. Do you know how to do so from here?

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    No:cry: , I still don't know what to do. Also what do I do with the mL's

    Thank You:smile:
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    No need for pOH.

    Calculate from simple stoichiometry amount of HCl in the gastric juice, then its concentration - once you know concentration of HCl pH calculation should be a breeze.
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    Sorry to reply so late, so I would first find the concentration like so,


    and then use the concentration to find the pH of the acid using this equation


    Is that the correct method?

    Thank You
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    Show what you did as your answer about using M1V1=M2V2 is ambiguous.
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    Wouldn't it help if you knew the formula of the gastric juice?
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    P-man - gastric juice contains mostly HCl.
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    Oh, sorry. I guess that's the stuff in your stomach?
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