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A Plan of Attack

  1. May 17, 2007 #1
    Hello all.
    Would first like to compliment the forums - absolutely smashin. Good job.

    I have read quite a bit on here about suggested reading and what-not, but if you have the time, i'd appreciate any advice as to where to go from here and whether i'm heading along the right lines.

    Given this year's laziness (i'm a first year undergraduate), there a some fairly elementary gaps need filling, but in addition to that i am looking to work along these lines / from these books:

    David V. Widder - Advanced Calculus: I think this will fill in some gaps in calculus and give me the chance to practise properly.
    Riley, Hobson, Bence - Mathematical Methods
    + Arfken's book: i'll probably work through Arfken from chapters 1 to about 8 give or take certain bits and bobs, with R.H.B. to supplement this structure / provide questions..
    Thornton & Marion and Kibble & Berkshire's books on classical dynamics: i will look at where i stand with mechanics and make solid what i know and learn a bit beyond that, probably just whatever i enjoy + lagrangian dynamics
    A.F. Beardon - Algebra & Geometry - a first year maths undergraduate book, will be good maths practise and put me in good stead for (at some point):

    Shilov - Linear Algebra (have you ever heard of this / have any ideas?)
    Kolmogorv & Fomin - Introductory Real Analysis (heard of this either? it's probably beyond me for a good year or 2 yet but it's there waiting)

    I also have a quantum mechanics textbook by Alastair Rae i'll spend a day or 2lookin at and will cover special relativity using Thornton and Goldstein...
    It might well sound like an awful lot, but it isn't really, given that i have 3 months spare and probably won't be looking at a great deal of difficult new material...

    My apologies for the dryness of this post, however any advice, elaboration, wouldn't go a miss..

    (oh and when is it worth investing in Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics... i'm working through Electromagnetism by Grant & Phillips so i was wondering whether Jackson would become accessible on finishing with this ???)
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  3. May 18, 2007 #2
    70 views and not a reply; perhaps if i make it shorter?
  4. May 18, 2007 #3
    What research are you involved in? What type of physics do you plan on doing?
  5. May 18, 2007 #4
    I'm not involved in any research - i am just coming to the end of my first year of undergraduate study.. so the workload i have put across will probably be deemed too much, but i deem maths SO VERY important and....
    ...that is what i plan on doing! The mathematical / theoretical aspects of physics... that's vague, but probably about as clued up i am right now...
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