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A predictive picture of the decade.

  1. Apr 3, 2010 #1
    The purpose of this thread is to collect information from various users on projects that will be applied by the end of the decade.


    Internet via Satellite may be more cheaply available and more reliable making internet access anywhere possible.

    Contact lenses with OLEDs or mini-self-stabilizing projectors might make displays more convenient and readily accessible via connection to a satellite internet.


    Electric cars will be a larger part of the market as batteries grow cheaper, get longer ranges and charge faster.

    Transportation unfortunately may not be much faster or easier than it is today considering that flying technology has not moved very far over the past 40 years.


    Carbon nanotube tensile strength might reach a point that could make a space elevator feasible.

    We might discover life on Mars from a project that is a generation or two ahead of the project to fly a plane on Mars and survey the methane clouds in the atmosphere.

    We may begin rudimentary research into mining asteroids (I heard that a project to do this was just approved at the University of Arizona).


    The internet will continue to give power to Indie culture, though its aesthetics will probably evolve to something that hasn't yet been imagined.


    Solar cells will gain efficiency.
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