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A problem discovered in using Autodesk force effect to analyze the tru

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    The Fink truss is my model. In analyzing this structure, autodesk doesn't give me the desired result. Look at point F, it doesn't reach equilibrium. I don't know why, but shall we continue to use this app in analyzing truss structures? ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1378948723.724433.jpg ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1378948736.164932.jpg ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1378948746.123950.jpg ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1378948768.984263.jpg
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    It's kind of hard to follow your problem, since you jump right into the middle of it.

    There are free truss analyzers which can be downloaded off the net. I would check you truss with one of these.
    This is a pretty good package: http://www.grapesoftware.mb.ca/
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    Thanks for your advice. Just by lookijg at point F, it doesnt reach equilibrium. But maybe I am wrong, so I wanna verify it
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