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Medical A single tooth prosthesis

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    I am an engineer and physicist by education. I am currently applied as a math educator (PhD and associate professor in a university in Russia). However, I have an idea of a new way for mounting a single tooth prosthesis into a jaw bone. Please, give me an advice, what should I do in order to implement my idea into the surgical practice and keep my authorship of it.
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    Convince a dental surgeon to implement your idea, probably in an animal model. There are established procedures (which vary be location) for clinical trials in surgical innovation. The surgeon would know how to do this in your area.

    If your new technique requires special software to be written or analysis of why it would work then you should do do that part. Then you can coauthor a paper in a medical journal with the surgeon. If it was really your idea in the beginning, and you did all the supporting analysis then you should be the first author.

    It would almost certainly be unpublishable without experimental evidence that it works.

    P.S. If you are the Ruslan Sharipov who wrote those online mathematics textbooks. I used them as an undergraduate, they're very good. I learned a lot from them.
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