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Able to catch the meteor shower this morning

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    Just wondering if anyone was able to catch the meteor shower this morning. It was cloudy and hazy in my area but some friends and I drove out to the country for a look anyway. We actually saw a few through some of the small gaps in the clouds. I bet had it been clear we would have had an awesome show. Can anyone confirm this?
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    The perseids were decent this year. My gilfriend and I spent about 3 hours watching them. The quantity of meteors was not very large, but the shower made up for it in quality. Many of the meteors I saw were brighter than Vega.

    - Warren
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    Hey, I was at the beach yesterday evening with my bfriend and we received a surprise meteor shower! :biggrin: We were watching it for like 1.5h already and all of a sudden someone exclaimed: 'I saw a meteor! really! I saw it! right there! *points finger to sky*' :tongue2:

    The sky was clear right above us so we saw some nice ones fly by, the quantity was not very large, but definately enough if you did not expect to see any :wink:
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    I saw quite a few nice ones, as I had very clear skies. Just too bad theres a good bit of light pollution around here :grumpy:
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    Went out last weekend and watched from the beach. It was not peak activity, but a very clear night and we saw quite a few. Glad we went when we did, Wed. night/Thurs. morning were solid overcast in my area.
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    Unfortunately, I was clouded out last night. How much of a decrease in meteors can you expect the night after peak? Clear skies tonight...
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    Lastone, the perseids are expected to have two peaks this year, one yesterday (wednesday), and the other one today. So if the skies are clear tonight, it should be just as good :biggrin:
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    Excellent :smile: Thanks!
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    Hello Everyone,

    I was out between 1:30am and around 1:45 or 2:00 this morning. I watched from my deck. Clear skies. I saw about 10 meteors...give or take. I didn't stay out too long because I was really tired and my eyes may have been playing tricks on me on some of them. But I was surprised that most were just moving points or even just flashes of light with very little motion. Unfortunately none of the long streaks that you sometimes see...the ones that seem to linger like an afterimage.

    Btw...while reclined on the deck chair staring up northeast (towards Cassiopeia) when I saw a strange object. It seemed to be like a satellite, but most of the time you couldn't see anything there at all. It would appear only intermittently, as two bright flashes in quick succession. (sorry...no estimate on the magnitude of the flashes). When the next pair of flashes appeared, the object seemed to have moved considerably. It was moving in a gently curving path. Clearly an artificial phenomenon. My only theory is a spinning satellite with a couple of closely spaced reflective panels. Anyone know what this was? That's between 01:00 and 02:00 mountain daylight time on Thursday August 12.

    Sorry if this is thread-jacking
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    Here, in good ole Guam, we only had to wake up at around 4:30 am :frown: but we had overcast all three days I woke up. I didn't see anything. On the last night, I only got 5 hours of sleep :zzz:
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    My friends and I set out on a expedition last night/this morning far from the city. We found a nice spot off a country road onto a freashly harvested field. We set up blankets, lawnchairs and I brought my two telescopes and binoculars incase anyone wanted to look at anything else. Anyway, we saw a few dozen meteors in the span of an hour and a half or so.
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    Thanks for the tip. I spent a few hours in the mountains between 11:00PM and 1:00AM, it was worth it. We seen at least 25 that were good size as they left quite a smoke tail that lasted for several seconds. Two things I noticed are that, they came in from all directions and we seen some so low on the horizon, that we should not have been able to see them, the pieces must have been good size. My location was Coasta del Sol Spain. The weather conditions could not have been better clear skies, dry terrestial light wind.

    What is the reason behind two peaks?
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    The normal peak of the perseids was on thursday the 12th. The reason for there being a second peak on wednesday was that the earth passed through an extra dense layer of meteor dust, I think.
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    http://news.search.yahoo.com/search/news/?c=news_photos&p=perseids [Broken]

    good pictures...
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    I was up at about 1:15 to 2:00 this morning. I only say about 10 meteors but they were beauties. One was the strangest I've ever seen...not only was in insanely bright and leave a smoke trail, but I could see a flash of orange fire burning around it. Quite something. Hey, how do you all watch meteor showers? I used a reclining chair but had to go in when I did because I was so stiff and uncomfortable.
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    I just stand outside, sit on the car sometimes.
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    Was doin some sky watchin' again this morning with some friends from about 3am to 4. Saw about 20 meteors, not that bad.
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