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About some possible theories of the creation of the universe?

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    Hello, I have an Idea that i would like you guys to examine and tell me if it is good or not.

    Since people do not yet fully understand a black hole, and supposedly predicted my Hawking that a black hole can disappear out of nothing and that the information can't be lost, or just vanish into thin air, could it be that when a black hole is big enough(billionth of times as massive as the sun, and it absorbs too much matter into it that a new universe could be form from that?

    I mean that the super-giant black hole got too much mass in it and the gravitational strength acting on the black hole broke loose and created another universe(sort of like the big bang but in creation due to the over mass consumption of the black hole?

    Or could it be that another universe can collide in a region where a supermassive black hole is in and the infinitely dense point burst'd out like and created yet another universe?

    I am do not have that much knowledge about these things but they just came to my mind, and i have more questions.

    (not sure if in the correct forum)
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    Did you mean creating a universe within a universe? I also didn't understand the idea of vanishing black holes...

    The subject is very interesting...could you explain more???
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    Well, I got the idea from the Black hole information paradox
    and I started brainstorming some possible ways in which why the information may have 'disappeared'.

    Ok, imagine that a black hole was near or at the CMBR ( this black hole would have to be billionth the mass of that of our star[sun]) when a region would posses such dark hole i imagine that the energy in it was infinite also (kind of like that of the start of our universe?) and that when it was applied more energy (coalitions between our universe and a neighboring one). That energy would have overcome our universe'gravitational strength, and another "Big Bang" happened and created a new universe.

    Its almost like (sorry to use this example, but like if you had a pimple in your face, and that pimple was almost ready to pop, and some one accidentally hit your face, and that pimple popped due to the fact that it had enough pressure already and the coalition caused it to pop! (but in our case another human doesn't get born due to that xD!

    BTW I do know that hawking resolved this (supposedly) and the scientific community still doesn't accept what he resolved, but since its still not proven it could be that my suggestion could be a possible theory (highly unlikely though xdd)
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    There is no reason why a black hole would be any more likely to pop out of existance if it was big, than if it was small. Also, how could the black hole's energy be infinite, when it has finite mass? I don't seem to get a lot of things you are trying to explain.
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    Uh dude, I do NOT mean to be rude in any way, but this is nonsense. A black hole having infinite energy is just silly and "near or at the CMBR" is a point in TIME yet you seem use it as a point in space and in any case such a place (13billion years ago) would have no special significance in the regard that you seem to think it would.

    It's great that you are interested in such things, but you REALLY need to study the fundamentals a lot more before you go spouting off nonsense.

    Again, I say this in the spirit of helpfulness, not to be rude.
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    I encourage your enthusiasm but you are well away from a working theory - a theory makes strict predictions which can then be observationally tested and verified.

    I would advise you to read more FAQs on this site and to post more questions - you may want to refrain from promoting theories as this is frowned upon. There are many very educated and knowledgeable people on this site and all will be more than happy to help you.

    Just be careful to check your posts and I am sure you will have good feedback :smile:
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