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Homework Help: AC power calculations:

  1. Nov 9, 2009 #1
    Hi, im a bit lost with AC circuits on the whole and could use some dumbed down explanation on the matter.

    Taking an example from course material:

    (Components connected in parallel. "Ladder connection")

    l l l l l
    J C L R
    l l l l l

    J = 1 (30 degrees) currentsource driving current in the clockwise direction
    C = 0.05 F capacitor
    L = 0,2 H inductor
    w = 10 rad/s

    If im asked to find the real and reactive powers for each component how would i go about solving these?
    I could also use a clarification on the difference between real and reactive powers.


    ps: sory for the dingy "diagram"
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    Hi Dissonance in E! :smile:

    Reactive power is just the imaginary part of the complex power, which is the (instantaneous) voltage times current.

    (and reactive or imaginary power involves no net transfer of energy)
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