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Activating atoms

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    jimmy p

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    I was watching some advert (so it was probably talking plop) but they said that they used 'activated carbon' to remove smells. What is activating something? is it ionising or is it just rubbish? Can you activate anything?
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    Activated carbon is simply carbon that has been activated! Come on man...heh.
    Okay. It's good that you asked this qeustion because I was wondering myself what made activated carbon activated, so me and yahoo.com went on a romantic dinner date and I fondled her for information. It turns out that carbon becomes "activated" when it is heated with steam to about 1000C in the absence of O2. This removes a lot of the garbage in the charcoal (charcoal=carbon+impurities) and produces a carbon that is very porous and full of "internal microstructures" that make much surface area. This makes activated carbon excellent in terms of absorption. Many organic molecules cannot resist the seductive microstructures and they get trapped inside. Few escape the lair. It's good for removing odours, specifically the hot steamy sex odours that you would normally find in the bedroom or in the computer room if you're lonely.

    So lonely...

    It also enjoys dirty interracial gangbangs, colored compounds really get the carbon pumping with intense animal love. Typically you add the activated carbon to a solution of your impure, colored compound and you can watch as the carbon tears into every conceivable orifice. The result? A cleaner product.

    And if you ever decide that today is the day to eat something poisonous, you're in luck! Because good old activated carbon will absorb the nasty stuff and make you nice and resentful for not using a gun.

    Also, I do believe this is the stuff they feed the druggies who have overdosed, in an attempt to clear out the user's system.

    By the way, regular charcoal doesn't work. Trust me on this one...
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    jimmy p

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    LOL ok, very... graphic but thanx, you have explained it well and i am happy with the answer, pat on the back to thunderfvck and his erotic chemistry.
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