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Addicted to Halo 3

  1. Jun 5, 2009 #1
    Last December, I got an XBOX 360 coupled with some video games. Before this, I had never really played video games much. The last gaming system I owned was Nintendo 64 or short for N64.

    Ever since December, my addiction to Halo 3 has been growing by day. My fingers hurt even just typing this.

    Video games. The best way to avoid the social and natural world. :biggrin:
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    Halo 3 is a very fun game, but yeah i'm guessing you dont have school / uni or a job lol. With those factors you would find less and less time to play.
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    So does that make PF the methadone clinic for gamers? Substitute a more socially acceptable addiction (educational discussions about science) for a more harmful one like gaming? :biggrin: You did see the warning label when you signed up, right, the one that the surgeon general requires explaining that PF may be addicting?
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    Whilst I don't have a gaming addition, I am certainly developing an addiction to Twitter! I have no idea why it is so addictive, but I seem to have developed the urge to broadcast what I am doing to the entire world, whilst reading the banalities of 100's of strangers.

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    If Halo is Heroin, and PF methadone, then Twitter is poppers.
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    Everyone is addicted to something.

    PF is a great way for me to see what topics are out there in certain areas of the forum. Biology and Astronomy are both interesting to me. So is Halo 3! :biggrin:
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    I just started summer classes at my college just last Wednesday. I'm only taking two classes. I can't even find a job around here. So Halo 3 and school work fits in well.

    Oh so I think....
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