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Adhesives that are friendly to the environment?

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    What spray glue is friendly to the environment and is also strong at the same time? Most adhesives or glue today contain harmful chemicals that destroy our environment and health.
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    I happened to be asking the same question the other day . . . not that I fully researched it, but I did find at least one alternative to 3M and the like. I expect there's more out there.

    Maybe you could try these guys?

    http://www.simalfa.com/index.html [Broken]
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    What you need is an adhesive that has Low VOC and HAP’s free. Westech Aerosols is a company that produces spray glues that are friendly to the environment. I’ve been using their products for years in my automotive business and I’m satisfied with the products’ strength in connecting materials together. I suggest you use hsc13. This adhesive does not contain chlorinated solvents which mean that it is not a hazard to the environment. It is very easy to use. Just spray it and it effectively bond materials such as plastic laminates, automotive headliners, glass, steel, aluminum, wood and many others.
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    Hide glue....
    It is still used by high-end luthiers (luthiers are the people that make guitars etc), it is difficult to use but makes very strong bonds with wood..
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