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Adjustable hood - deflector - for conveyor

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    Adjustable "hood" - deflector - for conveyor

    I need an adjustable hood to deflect material coming off the conveyor...

    I was planning on making a system that can horizontally adjust, aswell as the angle - to compensate for possible varying flow rates of the conveyor..

    initially i was going to set up a pneumatic system, using two rodless cylinders either side and a self locking cylinder for the rotation - however upon greater thought, i realised there are too many complications and too much wear on the actual pneumatics. Along with my lack of experience in that particular area of circuit design.

    Is there any mechanical mechanism's that will allow me to get the function i need?
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    Re: Adjustable "hood" - deflector - for conveyor

    BTW - i am actually a newly grad mechanical engineer - and would love to have discussions relating this with any like minded people - wether they know a solution or just interested in my progess.
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    Re: Adjustable "hood" - deflector - for conveyor

    Look at snow blowers. I've seen some clever designs on small ones -- such as the types used by homeowners.
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    Re: Adjustable "hood" - deflector - for conveyor

    Ah i see, i never thought of that - im from australia. lol.

    If you come across any links to good design, send them through :) cheers
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    Re: Adjustable "hood" - deflector - for conveyor

    you can use one pneumatic cylinder mounted on the side of the hood this is enough to control the flow - I think
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