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AdS3 metrics using SageManifolds

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    I've written the following code using SageManifolds both for practice and for when I need different quantities related to the ## AdS_3 ## spacetime.
    Code (Text):


    Global.<tau,rho,phi>=AdS3_Polar.chart(r'tau:(-oo,+oo) rho:(0,+oo) phi:(0,2*pi)')
    #Poincare.<t,y,z>=AdS3_Poincare.chart(r't:(-oo,+oo) y:(-oo,+oo) z:(0,+oo)')


    Phi=AdS3.diff_map( R22, [ R*cosh(rho)*cos(tau),R*cosh(rho)*sin(tau),R*sinh(rho)*cos(phi),R*sinh(rho)*sin(phi) ] , name='Phi' )
    #Phi=AdS3.diff_map( R22, [ (R/(2*z))*(y^2-t^2+z^2+1),R*t/z,R*y/z,(R/(2*z))*(y^2-t^2+z^2-1) ], name='Phi' )

    g.set( Phi.pullback(h) )

    #g.set( Phi.pullback(h) )
    As you can see, the codes for computing the metric in the Poincare coordinates are commented. That's because I need the metric in both global and Poincare coordinates but I don't know how to associate both of them to the manifold. So one of them is commented at a given time. How can I associate more than one metric to a single manifold?

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    You can find some SageManifolds code for AdS spacetime, including the use of both global and Poincaré coordinates, here.
    This is for ## AdS_4 ##, but I guess you can easily adapt it to ## AdS_3 ##.
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