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Advice on dissertation writing - should i write my own description for

  1. Aug 29, 2014 #1
    Hope this is in the right place, please could someone who is familiar with writing dissertations tell me if I should use my own words underneath the Figures I have included?

    For example if I have taken a graph from a paper is it ok to take the description below it also, or should I write my own interpretation below it?

    Any advice on this would really be appreciated.
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    Any caption is part of the picture. You should use the caption that was with the picture and, in the body of the dissertation, explain why it is relevant to your topic and, of course, tell where you got the picture and attribute it to the author of the paper from which you got it.
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    Many thanks for the reply! Yes that's what I have at present, although many papers I have read will have a graph from a source and have their own description underneath it, so I was a little confused.

    But thanks again!
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    I think it can go either way. Sometimes the original caption can be irrelevant to the context of the work you're presenting.
  6. Sep 1, 2014 #5
    ok, think I will go with using the relevant information that is given (with citation) and if necessary including my own interpretation relevant to the topic.

    Thanks again!
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