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Advise on MSc in theoretical physics/applied mathematics?

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    I graduated from the University of York with a BSc in theoretical physics with a first class honours. Due to circumstances I wasn’t able to apply for masters this year, but I really want to pursue further studies. I am mainly interested in doing an English taught MSc that deals with quantum mechanics, general relativity and/or string theory from a theoretical physics/applied mathematics point of view. Searching on the internet I found some very interesting universities such as the University of Munich (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics ), Cambridge (DAMTP), ICL (MSc in Physics or in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces) and ETH Zurich (I am avoiding the USA universities due to lack of money). I like the courses because they focus on the fundamentals of physics (I care little about the application of physics), but if anybody knows any other alternative good universities than please let me know.

    At the moment I am most interested in the Theoretical and Mathematical Physics programme offered the University of Munich, because it offers a two year course, combining a wide range of very interesting modules and 6 months of research. I do not know much about the research offered by the university and I was wondering if anybody has any information on this?

    Furthermore, I would really like to know what you guys think my chances are of getting accepted by any of these universities. Keep in mind that I realised at a late stage that I wanted to do a MSc, therefore I have no extra research experience besides computational laboratory and my BSc project that I have done last year (so this would probably reduce my chances). But I do have (very) good marks for all the mathematics/mathematical physics, quantum mechanics and special relativity modules (and most other theoretical/mathematical based topics) and I am Dutch (I’ve heard that universities like to have international students for some reason).

    Also, I sort of have no plans for this coming year (it’s too late to get accepted by any university at this point as far as I know), so does anybody has any realistic advice on what I could this year to increase my chances of getting accepted.

    Thank you very much in advance,

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