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Aerodynamics course order?

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    I'm going to be an aerospace/mechanical engineering student at UAH next year and I am coming up with my four year plan. Two courses, "fundamentals of aerodynamics" and "compressible aerodynamics", are not prerequisites for each other, and they are both required. Based on your experience with these topics, is it necessary to take fundamentals before compressible? This is important because when I take compressible will determine which year I take my rocket propulsion class (something I am interested in, and may want to be involved in research at some point).
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    Usually upper level courses are not offered every semester, so if one is not an explicit pre-req for the other, it is best to take them in whatever order they can be scheduled to maintain a path to graduate in 4 years. If you skip one to order them according to your preference, you may not be able to take it again in time to graduate.
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    I'm surprised that fundamentals is not a prerequisite for the compressible class. Talk to the professor and get his advice. Maybe you can pick up enough fundamentals on your own for the compressible class or maybe they are covered in the class.
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