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Aerospace engineering or computer science

  1. May 27, 2015 #1
    I am split on choosing to study for aerospace engineering or computer science. I have a passion for technology and all I want to do in life is to help people and the world through technology but I would just like more information on each one and what are some of the things I would be doing with each one. I fear that if I choose the wrong one that I would be just wasting time with something I don't love.
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    Where are you in school. High school or undergrad? what makes you say aerospace or comp sci? what classes/hobbies do you have relevant to these fields
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    I actually just graduated high school and am attending college in the fall. I choose aerospace because of my passion for space and space exploration and I choose computer science because I'm just fascinated with the many things that computers can do and all of the many areas I can do like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and cyber security and hopefully something with space. I really don't have any hobbies all I really have is my passion and will to work hard and succeed
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    So your question is tough to answer with your background because you don't really have any relevant experience.

    First I think you need to find out if you enjoy basic programming. go to codeacadamy.com and try the python tutorials. If you like it, great, engineering or comp sci might be right for you. If you don't like programming, that may be a sign that comp sci isnt a real area of intrest, but engineering might be.

    So aerospace engineering has quite a few fields. A lot of it can actually involve computer programing (simulating or modeling systems, as well as wiring the code for the systems). with aerospace engineering you can get into thermodynamics, fluids (air over a wing is a fluid), control systems, materials, etc.

    with something like comp science, you can end up as a web developer, writing code for embedded application (anything from toasters to airplane controls), desinging operating systems, machine learning, the more IT side and get into cyber security, the list is huge.

    You can try going to MIT open courseware and check out the intro classes and see what they do and if it interests you.
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