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Alcohols Combustion

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    I simply want to check that these equations are balanced correctly:

    [tex]2CH_3OH_{(g)} + 3O_2_{(g)} \rightarrow 2CO_2_{(g)} + 4H_2O_{(l)}[/tex]

    [tex]CH_3CH_2OH_{(g)} + 3O_2_{(g)} \rightarrow 2CO_2_{(g)} + 3H_2O_{(l)}[/tex]

    [tex]2CH_3CH(OH)CH_3_{(g)} + 9O_2_{(g)} \rightarrow 6CO_2_{(g)} + 8H_2O_{(l)}[/tex]

    [tex]CH_3(CH_2)_2CH_2OH_{(g)} + 6O_2_{(g)} \rightarrow 4CO_2_{(g)} + 5H_2O_{(l)}[/tex]


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    The easy way to be sure about if your reactions have been successfully balanced, put the number of total carbons to carbon dioxide; and put the hydrogens' total number, multiplied with 0.5 to water. This will do it. As a last step, add the oxygens of carbon dioxide and water, and divide it to 2 and write it before oxygen. This is it!
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    This is what I did. I can balance equations I was just wondering if someone could check them and say they think they are right as well because I believe they are.


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    Seems OK. Excluding the chance of me during my fast scan making exactly the same mistake as you when calculating it the first time.
    (Thought I'd make at least one mistake, maybe something must be wrong anyway then :wink: )
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    Cheers. :smile:

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