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Homework Help: Algebra (Complex Fractions)

  1. Mar 8, 2008 #1
    This is a calculus equation, but I'm having trouble with the algebra part of it.

    http://calcchat.tdlc.com/solutionart/calc8e/02/e/se02e01045.gif [Broken]

    I'm confused about how they simplify from step 4 to 5. Can someone help me?
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    [tex]\frac{-y+x\left(-\frac x y\right)}{y^2}\cdot\frac{\frac y 1}{\frac y 1}[/tex]

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    you did a mistake in here!!!!!!!! in the denominator.
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    oops, I was so caught up on my latex I forgot about the denominator.
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    where does the y/w come from?
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    Gib Z

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    There is no y/w.

    The point is, they multiplied the numerator and denominator by y.
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    If you mean "y/1", they are just multiplying both numerator and denominator by y.
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    kwikness: If you were asekd to simplify

    [tex]\frac{1 + \frac{4}{3}}{5}[/itex]

    you could do it, right? What is preventing you from understanding how to simplify the fraction you asked about?
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