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All of these numbers have 3 significant figures right?

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    2.5 x 10^3

    All of these numbers have 3 significant figures right?

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    No, 12.5 and 105 have three significant figures. Look at the other two again
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    The last one is two sf, three would be 2.50 x10^3

    105 is 3sig fig
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    I caught that shortly after, thank you.

    @pzona- Doesn't 100.00 only have two significant figures, the 1 and the two zeros after the decimal point?
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    100.00 is written to indicate significance to the hundredths place. The number has five significant figures. (from locations of places Hundreds to Hundredths).
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    The way I learned sig figs, there were 3 main rules.

    1. Zeros between nonzero digits are always significant (1001, 304)
    2. Zeros at the beginning of a number are never significant (0.001, 0.026)
    3. Zeros at the end of a number are significant if the number contains a decimal point (e.g. 100.00)

    These are pretty easy to remember, and I still find myself going through them in my head every time I need to count significant figures. Hopefully this helps.
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