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All possible paths

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    Do you know how to get all the possible paths from a given node in a directed graph?
    Thanks a lot
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    i dont actually know what a node or a directed graph is :( is it that im too stupid or are you being more general than would be expected? idk but for my benefit could you explain it a bit more clearly? thanks
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    A node is a location. For example, if you were planning a trip, you would of course establish a path that would get you to your destination fastest. On a map, each city would represent a node that you may travel into and away from.
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    Your question is too general, but I'll give you a tip -

    a) Try counting these paths one by one, which may be tedious.

    b) If you have some type of thoerem or formula which applies to this specific graph then use the formula.

    Some graphs are extremely complex - like phone systems or the internet for eg.
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