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Alternator battery charger

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    Hi i embarked on a project to design a battery charging system using an alternator, an electric motor and a battery all connected in a closed loop.
    The battery powers the electric motor and in turn the electric motor powers the alternator and finally the alternator charges the battery.
    My problem is the battery keeps running down and i don't seem to know why?
    i was wondering if anyone could help with sites where something of this similar nature was done with references.
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    Oh you can't be serious. What do you expect the 'closed loop' system to do?
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    Try making the electric motor high voltage (to lower i^2R losses). Then use What is called a bipolar pulse current multiplier (BPPCM). Shown in a book by Moray King Quest For Zero Point Energy 2001. To make a BPPCM A connects to A in series + to - with respect to diodes with another circuit of same size. B connects to B in parallel i.e. +/+ -/-. Make the coils in the BPPCM large enough in AWG to help create more current. Yet not much current will be needed if you use a DC pulse motor at @ 3000V and only milliamps of current.
    This will give a large current from the high voltage efficiently of your generator if it outputs a high voltage with a neon sign transformer or something. Then the output of this device will power a large capacitor to run the motor. The start of the motor involves charging up the large capacitor with a battery and plugging it into the circuit.

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    If you come up with a one or two liner someday that takes folks immediately to I-get-it-now about conservation of energy, please share. Meantime, the OP is likely holding the refrigerator door open to cool the house down.
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    When I was in school, our lab instructor told us not to expect help out of him unless you had something written down on paper before hand. In other words, don't do the experiment and take a bunch of measurements without having some kind of an idea ahead of time what to expect. I don't see that this venture should be any different. So, the question still remains: What do you expect the 'closed loop' system to do?
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    It keeps running down because the system is losing energy in the conversion process. You are describing a Perpetual Motion Machine which DO NOT EVER WORK!! Don't waste your time.

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