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Amount of charge stored by thin conductive plate

  1. Nov 24, 2015 #1
    I have 10mm thick film with dielectric constant of 3. Let’s say surface area of the film is 50 ft2. On the surface of the film I will deposit thin conductive layers with different resistivity. On the first sample of the film I will deposit thin layer with the sheet resistance of 10 ohm/in^2. On the second sample - 100 ohm/in^2 and third sample 1000 ohm/in^2. How does resistivity of deposited layers will affect the amount of charge that this structure can store if I use it in two electrode configuration where this structure is connected to a negative terminal and thin metal plate (with the same surface area) parallel to the structure is connected to positive terminal.
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    Welcome to the PF. I wouldn't think the resistivity would affect the amount of charge storage. Q=CV should still hold, IMO. The resistivity would just limit how quickly you can store the charge in the capacitance...
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    Thank you.
    Conductive coating that I'm using is doped tin oxide. Undoped tin oxide is a dielectric with K of 9.8. It's probably lower for doped material. In theory I'm adding a layer of dielectric on the top of dielectric film. This should after the capacitance because of series capacitance of two dielectrics K=K1*K2/(K1+K2). Does it make sense?
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