An introduction to signals and systems

  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm a freshman and i want to study signals and systems.
    so i'm seeking for a good introductory book. I've heard
    about the book "Signals and Systems" written by Oppenheim
    and Wilsky.

    So is Oppenheim's book suitable for a beginner?
    If you know a better introductory book please write it here.

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  3. Do you know calculus? Derivatives and integrals?
  4. Yes i know calculus, derivatives, integrals, partial differentiation etc
    I have a good mathematical background.
  5. Then that book is fine. I learned Signals and Systems from a book by B.P Lathi.
  6. Thank you Corneo!
    Do you remember the title.
    I've found a book by B.P Lathi titled signal processing and linear systems?
    Is it that book what you've read?
  7. Yeah thats the one. It's an easier read than Oppenhiem's book in my opinion. I'm not a signals guy though. But Oppenhiem's book is kinda like the bible.
  8. I'd definitely go with the Oppenheim book, the book is organized with tons of examples and tries to link theory to application whenever possible, one catch though, the book assumes solid background in differential equation and complex numbers, also I'd suggest asking your instructor what book he's using, it's gonna make the course a lot easier if you and your Prof. are using the same material
  9. Thank you guys.
    You really helped me.
    So i'll go with either Oppenheim or Lathi. I browsed these books
    in the morning. I'll also consult my Prof but the odds are i'll buy
    Oppenheim's book. I may take a look at Lathi's book If i have
    difficulty with Oppenheim.
    Thanks :smile:
  10. BTW, there are different Alan Oppenheim books that might be considered to be "bible". rather than the Oppenheim and Wilsky, i might call Oppenheim and Schafer (and now there is a tertiary author, Buck, i think), Discrete-Time Signal Processing (commonly referred to as "O&S") to be the bible. but it's a little more grad school level.

    a good undergrad text is Orfanidis, Introduction to Signal Processing.

    if you don't need as much mathematical formalism, i would suggest Rick Lyons, Understanding Digital Signal Processing or Grover & Deller, Digital Signal Processing and the Microcontroller, or Steiglitz, A Digital Signal Processing Primer, but i am biased toward audio and the Orfanidis and Steiglitz books are also.

    also, you might want to check out the USENET newsgroup, comp.dsp .
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