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Analogue oscillator

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    What are 2 applications of an oscillator circuit, I need help with this!? I can only find one......


    thanks for any help
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    Hi Craplegend! http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/5725/red5e5etimes5e5e45e5e25.gif [Broken]

    What is the one application you know of?
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    Thank-you for the welcome :D

    For use in a transmitter, that's the one I know

    I also need 2 for a filter.....
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    Fair enough. On that line of thought, where would you expect to find another need, then?

    Sorry? Is that an answer, or another question, or what??
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    It was a statement;
    I need to find 2 system applications for each of these....

    Amplifier,oscillator, Voltage Regulator, Filter and timer.

    Need help2 with Finding one for an oscillator and 2 applications for a filter circuit :confused:
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    If you recognize you need a sinusoidal oscillator in a transmitter, then it's a fair bet that one would also be needed in a ....???......

    Are you getting your internet as DSL over the phone lines?

    BTW, you are supposed to post homework questions in the homework forum so that kind-hearted respondents receive a subtle reminder not to supply overly generous answers. After all, it is your homework, so should involve evidence of your own endeavour.
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    If you try to find all kinds of technology with modulation/demodulation, then you will find lots of oscillators. If you consider the transmitter example you gave, you could break that down into more specific functions like VCOs. Searching applications of VCOs should give a lot of hints even outside of transmitters.

    Also, think of time keeping electronics. They use precision periodic signals.

    Filter circuits is easy. Wikipedia's article should give you more than 2 examples. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_filter look in the "See also" section.

    This assignment should be really easy with the internet unless you're confused about what these components are.
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    You could think of some much lower frequencies for another application.
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    Ok thankyou for the help so far :-)

    sorry I didn't post this in the correct place, just checking out filter circuits now.
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