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Homework Help: Angular velocity of rigid body

  1. Feb 6, 2010 #1
    i am trying to solve this question.

    A thin stick of mass M = 4.9 kg and length L = 2.6 m is hinged at the top. A piece of clay, mass m = 1.0 kg and velocity V = 4.9 m/s hits the stick a distance x = 2.20 m from the hinge and sticks to it. What is the angular velocity of the stick immediately after the collision?

    in order to find the v i used momentum conservation.
    now my question are:
    is the v i found the v of center of mass?
    how do i find the w from here, that is what is my r and why?

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    Guess you can answer this if you answered the one I asked?
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    Hmm, I'm not sure to be honest. I would use angular momentum conservation instead.
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    Yes, but only about the point where the force acts,the hinge that is.
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