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Another Law of Work queston

  1. Nov 11, 2006 #1
    The prompt:

    "A 20-kilowatt motor operates an elevator weighing 10,000 N. What is the maximum speed at which the motor can raise the elevator?"

    How can i solve for speed?

    I know that power = work / time, and work = force * distance, but I cannot solve for work because I only know a force without a distance, and I cannot solve for power because I don't know work NOR time... What am i missing here?


    Wow I just realized that P = w/t = f*d/t = f * d/t = F*V

    With that being said, I can use P = F*V, or in my case, 20000 = 10000*X... Right?
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    Yup. That works quite well.
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    Haha, thanks mate..

    I hate making posts on here and realizing literally 5 seconds afterwards that I understand it :)
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