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Any Canadian engineering college for International student

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    I am from India. In India we have very difficult exams to enter engineering college and unfortunately I failed in that exam. Here exams are nearly 10 times more difficult than SAT. So I thought of giving SAT and TOEFL this year to take admission in any US university. But as I've heard that the environment in Canada is much more better than USA and the study is also less costly. But every Canadian college I'd searched is allowing international student for only Post graduate or Research. I am wondering, is there any college which admit international students for undergraduate programs either in Computer Science or Electronics and Communication engineering.
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    I don't know how you searched, but basically every university in Canada admits qualified undergraduates.
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    for International students? Please can you provide me with some colleges websites.
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    Try ALL of them.


    I think you would have a hard time finding one that would not take an international student for Undergrad.
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