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Anybody know anything about Wyse-60 Terminals and what to do with them?

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    So, at work we have about 15 Wyse-60 terminals in storage. I took a couple of them home with me to find out that they still worked great. Now, I am wondering what to do with them and where I might can find more information on them. I downloaded the manual to it, but I would really like to know more on how I can hook it up to a server or something.
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    See if you can find an 8 (or 4 or possibly even just 2) port RS232 serial card and think of an application where you can use an octo-monitor system. You can't extend your desktop onto these but you can do text and even some graphics through the use of the escape code sequences that the monitors understand.

    As a quick test, you can find or make an RS232 cable with appropriate connectors and wiring and connect one of the terminals to one of your RS232 ports on the back of your computer. That will let you start testing. You need to get baud rate, stop bits, handshake, etc all correct, but the manual you downloaded should help you with that.
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