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Appeal to re-open my lock thread

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    some guy,mentor i guess,lock my thread.the exact time of lock i forgot,so i can not tell, is my qustion will got reply or not.

    apparently he missunderstant my question and not giving me a chance to rephrase my question. he think im asking in quantum,but infact my question is general.

    so how to appeal to re-open the thread, because he will ban me if i re- ask.

    he should let the thread open until someone do dialog one or two with me.because if no one reply,i will not push it,i know the rules,it will be dead naturally.
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    Since you decided to ask this out in the open, I will spell it out to you in very clear terms:

    You were told to browse through existing threads in the Quantum Physics forum. The topic you asked has been discussed NUMEROUS times, and has been addressed in those many threads.

    Instead, you reopened and asked the identical question, thus violating our rules on multiple post, without even bothering to do anything new on your own or doing what I suggested.

    So which part of that did you not understand?

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    the part you close it without let me think what is what i want to know.now after i'm thinking,i want to ask about spin,general spin,call it mechanical if you want,in discret universe.thats is,this spin only occupy certain angle. can we assign certain number to this spin? or will no difent,because spin always 90 degree btwen angular momentum and spin plane.

    you are the one that bring quantum in here.if that universe is nonesense,you can tell nicely.or if it repost,at lest give me keyword to ease the search if not the link.

    i know i'm thinking slow,because i'm ordinary people, not physic PhD like the expert here.
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    If you want information on non-quantum spin, the keywords are Angular Momentum. Please read the following Hyperphysics entry, and also do some other searching with Google for articles explaining Angular Momentum.


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    Dunno about you but trying to decipher the language barrier made my head spin.
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