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I Application of resonance in one end closed pipe in real life

  1. May 5, 2017 #1
    My name is muaadh.
    I had an experiment in Physic about resonance in one end closed pipe.
    Our homework is to find applications in real life about this experiment.
    This photo of our experiment.
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    Musical instruments .

    Most basically Pan pipes but also organ pipes , flutes and many more .
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    thank you
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    There is natural resonance due to the whole length of an open pipe. Are you suggesting loading the pipe with a further resonator at one end?
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    I want just applications about this experiment. where can I find applications in our life?
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    Hot rodders have been known to tune the lengths of the intake and exhaust manifolds on their engines for more efficient flow at a particular RPM. The pulsations due to the valves opening and closing can reinforce each other at resonance to achieve this.
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