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Applying pressure on a body in ANSYS 15.0

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    Could anyone help me out on how to apply pressure on a portion of a face in ANSYS 15.0, as in like a concentric area within a solid body.

    Thanks in advance
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    Not sure what this is exactly, but hover your mouse over the "concentric area" and left click. You will click the outside area of the body but, at the bottom left, there will be a bunch of rectangles. Hover mouse over each rectangle and Ansys will highlight specific internal faces. Left click on rectangle to select the internal face you want to apply pressure to.
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    I just had the same problem. I have to use SPACE CLAIM direct modeler to either sketch a region or you can divide an existing surface into smaller regions. Ideally, you sketch out the area you need to apply said load to, hit the "ruler" icon on the pop up menu and it creates a dimension that you can then modify to size and locate said region. Then, ANSYS will recognize the boundary and mesh it accordingly. I use CATIA for 3-D modelling and it would not recognize any such boundary after importing as a STEP file and there is no way to create this region inside of ANSYS itself. Hope this helps?
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