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B Are atoms glued?

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    Hello,we just learned what was an atome and i was windering what would happen if you took one atom out of the universe?
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    With the universe? Nothing relevant. There are so many of them, one more or less doesn't matter. The total number of atoms changes all the time from various natural and a few man-made processes.
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    Thanks for answering that fast. I was wondering if the tiniest part of the universe was essential to it survival. Im kinda strugling to express wasni want to say. Even if there are new atomes created isnt there some kind of basic "tissu" that is undestrictible and that makes the universe? Like a card castle wich needs all of its cards to be
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    Im sorry if im noob. Isnt there a kind of canvas atomes apears on? If all atomes are making the "canvas" isnt there dramatic consquence when taking out 1 atome?
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    All atoms are in space (they are somewhere). Is that what you mean?
    They don't.
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    isnt there some kind of indivisble unity even if you cal' them atoms arent rhey kinda "alive" only when glue together? Im sorry if it sound so noob but isnt the universe 1 thing that cant be separeted?
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    I was picturing that instead of losing a pixel and make a hole on another plateforme universe wouldnt have any surface to support the hole. And basicaly that universe at its base was indivisble. Its blurr ibknow ...
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    No. Space is pretty empty of matter.

    Out beyond the solar system, there is an average of about 1 atom per cubic centimeter.
    That may seem like a lot but your pinkie knuckle is about that size and it contains about 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (100 billion trillion) atoms.

    There's about a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion (10^60) atoms in the universe as we know it, so losing a few trillion is nothing.
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    No. There is nothing like that.
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    Removing one atom would have no significant effect on the universe. Removing or changing one of the laws of physics almost certainly would have a significant effect.

    Atoms can also be created and destroyed by nuclear reactions.
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